MediaPost Publications Almost As Good As A Sandwich Board 10/27/2009

This research piece highlights the ROI potential for strategies that integrate the  mobile platform with our new product: Transit TV. A 13 week campaign can generate 84,000,000 impressions and according to the research piece, 37% are open to receiving alerts for a sale. The holiday season is approaching. How about  delivering the address for the nearest store with a discount coupon and the bus fair to take them to the store and back home.  All of this on a turn key proposition that only requires a TV spot.

In addition, consider geo- targeting to leverage retail locations, from restaurants and bars to music and electronics.

Here is the research piece.

by Jack Loechner,

Of those interested in receiving alerts, 53% would be at least somewhat interested in being notified about restaurant specials around them.In addition, about 2-in-5 of these adults would like to receive alerts about sales for: Movie/event tickets 43% Weather information 39% Clearance or liquidation sales 37%)

About another 3-in-10 of these adults would want to be alerted about:

  • Pizza (31%) Clothes (30%)
  • Fast food (27%)

About one quarter would want to be notified about:

  • Electronics (25%)
  • Music (24%)
  • Happy hour specials or bar and night club offers (21%)

via MediaPost Publications Almost As Good As A Sandwich Board 10/27/2009.


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