Nielsen Charts Increase In Hispanic TV Homes

The article bellow talks about Nielsen information and Hispanic TV homes. In traditional media, TV is holding up much better than other formats and this is true of Hispanic TV. Los Angeles is the largest market for Hispanic TV and if TV is working for you, leverage the TV format on the LA Metro buses and reach an additional 1.2 million people on a daily bases. From that total riders weekdays number, about 720,000 are Hispanic.

For disclosure, I am providing branded content and other made for TV programs to the Transit TV operators. If interested on more information, please leave a comment here.

Bellow is the MediaPost article on Hispanic TV homes.

The number of Hispanic TV homes continues to outpace the market overall.

The Nielsen Co. says Hispanic TV homes showed a 2.3% increase for the 2009-2010 TV season, to 12.95 million. Nielsen’s overall projections are that the entire U.S. TV home population will grow 0.3% to 114.9 million, up from 114.5 million in the previous year.

African-American TV homes will be 14.0 million, a 0.3% rise over the season before. Asian TV homes will be at 4.78 million, a 0.8% gain.

In terms of total viewers, there will be a similar rise among all TV homes. Hispanic TV viewers will climb 2.4% to 44.3 million; African-American viewers will be at 37.5 million, a 1.3% gain; and Asian TV viewers will stay the same versus a year ago, at 14.5 million.

The two biggest Hispanic markets continue to be Los Angeles and New York: Los Angeles now with 1.87 million Hispanic homes and New York with 1.25 million. LA grew about 14,000 homes and New York about 9,000 homes year-to-year. The next-biggest market — Miami-Fort Lauderdale — is around half of New York’s numbers, at 666,230 homes.

Overall, Nielsen projects that total TV viewers in the U.S. will increase slightly to 292 million for the 2009-2010 season.

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