What McDonald’s, HP, Virgin America, and Walmart Have in Common

Posted by: David Kiley on July 13

By Pete Krainik
Founder of The CMO Club

People ask me all the time about the success of McDonalds, HP, Virgin America, and Walmart with new products and services, and their ongoing buzz. For me one key factor is the strength of their marketing leadership and the fact that their CMOs have an active seat at the C-Level table.

No surprise then that gaining this seat is always a big topic of chatter at The CMO Club website and events. What can you do to make sure you obtain and keep your seat at the table? Based on our recent research, the secret to earning a seat at the table is to go beyond branding and lead generation and help the business make decisions that create customer value.

I enlisted the help of Mark Bonchek, a long time friend and Founder of Truman Company, to speak with CMOs in the club these past few months on this topic of earning a seat at the table. In all of these conversations with leading CMOs, three key practices emerged over and over again:

(1) Think like a CFO
(2) Speak business, not marketing
(3) Be the voice of your customer

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