The Glass is Half Full

Great article that I would like to share with you on opportunities that you can capitalize with a strategy that recognizes the reality of the market.

Source: MediaPost Publications.

Market Focus: Band of Hermanos

by Liz Tascio, Monday, June 1, 2009, 12:00 AM

There is a hope for the ailing media economy

Amid the general downturn of everything, here’s some good news: Hispanics rocketed ticket sales of Fast and Furious so high on its opening weekend that Variety took note. Hispanics were 46 percent of the audience, Variety reported, for a domestic opening of $72.5 million, second only to The Dark Knight. The editor of the Spanish-language daily El Diario La Prensa was swept up in incredulous media interviews because the paper’s circulation actually grew during two of the past three years. And Univision says it’s seeing double-digit sales growth for marketers who advertise to Hispanics.

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