The Transformation of Media and Advertising

Jack Myers posted a great article in the The Huffington Post….

…the media industry need to recalibrate and rethink its future and purpose. Celebrity-based reality TV series and Page Six style gossip have seen their day. Their relevance will quickly deteriorate in a society that is less 15-minutes-of-fame centric. Reality series that dehumanize and humiliate participants will no longer be ratings winners. Series that focus on crime and the underbelly of society will wane in relevance. Programming that elevates the sick, the perverse and the depraved will no longer find enthusiastic audiences. While audiences for Fox’s 24 will be smaller than ever, Sci Fi’s Battlestar Gallactica will finally be recognized as one of TV’s great series and Americans will continue to seek out pure escapism when it is well-written, intelligent and features strong characters and storylines…

…How-to programming that actually teaches us how to accomplish something worthwhile will be valued. Uplifting and spiritually-based programming that features positive stories of human achievement, performance against the odds and people who give back to society will be more successful than ever.

News programmers will need to balance viewers’ desire for positive stories with our eagerness to uncover and punish those who have contributed to our national economic downfall. Reporting on the increase in crime that is inevitably about to unfold will need to be balanced with reporting on justice meted out to criminals. The national appetite for revenge and punishment will need to be served by media. Locally, reporters will need to shift away from coverage of local fires and car crashes and center on investigative journalism, uncovering stories of corruption and misuse of public trust as well as positive stories that contribute to the community’s sense of pride and well-being…

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