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As we wrap up 2008 and kick off 2009, there are trends that started this year and will expand into the next. Some are the result of the current inflation and others are the result of technology development, social issues and concern for the environment. Bellow, you will find blurbs and links to the full articles on the said topics.

Local Sports, Events Help Marketers In Hard Times
Advertising Age
The recession might prove to be a boon for out-of-home media and event marketing–especially for local sports. As cash-strapped consumers hunker down and people increasing maintain friendships virtually on the Internet, they yearn for the community of local events. Less appealing are the big national events that advertisers gravitate toward.

The virtual gathering of people in social networks is only intensifying the need for real community gathering, not supplanting it. “Kids now are able to see the whole world,” he said. “It’s worldwide, but it’s an inch deep. And there’s this pane of glass that separates them from experiencing that entire world.”Read the whole story…

Internet Tops Newspapers As News Source, Still Lags TV

by Erik Sass

The Internet is now the most popular source of news after TV, according to the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, which released its year-end roundup of news media consumption last week. While TV is still king of the hill, its steady decline in the face of Internet competition bodes ill in the long term. … Read the whole story

WOM: Real People Win Deals, Corporate Blogs Spin Wheels

by Erik Sass

Word-of-mouth marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels–provided that it’s done well, according to two new studies from DEI Worldwide and Forrester Research. Consumers don’t put much trust in corporate blogs or social network profiles, but will readily listen to people. … Read the whole story

YouTube still towers above MySpace, Hulu for online video
YouTube, with nearly 5.6 billion streams to some 85 million unique visitors, was the No. 1 destination for online video viewers in November, according to Nielsen research. YouTube was followed by MySpace, with 244 million streams to 20 million unique visitors, and Hulu, with 221 million streams to about 7.5 million unique visitors. (12/29)

JWT futurist eyes brand trends for 2009
While corporate budgets and consumer belts are tightening, marketing and media companies that seize on certain social and entertainment trends will successfully ride out the new year, according to Ann Mack, director of trendspotting for ad agency JWT. Among the hot-button trends for 2009 are environmental responsibility, brand authenticity and content mobility. MediaPost Communications (12/29)

Do the Right Thing
10 Rules for Leading Ethically

It’s been all too easy to criticize the unethical behaviors of business and political leaders these days. But if your company isn’t among those generating scandal and scorn, consider yourself warned. CCL’s Cresencio Torres reminds us that lapses in ethical judgment occur every day in our organizations and, likely, in our private lives.  “Ethical leadership isn’t about avoiding the worst behaviors. It isn’t about technically following laws and regulations,” says Torres. “Ethics determines fair and honest behavior and establishes boundaries about how we relate to each other. In that sense, the only way for people to work well together, and to have good professional and personal relationships, is to think and act in an ethical way.” To reclaim ethical leadership for yourself and your organization, Torres offers these 10 Rules for Ethical Leadership here:


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