An English Language Latino Themed Show Breakes The Mold

LatinEyes Gives the Regis and Kelly Show a Run for Their Money

The indie television show that reaches 50 million households was the second most watched show in Sioux Falls according to Nielsen’s February 2008 book. “We were pleasantly surprised to see that the ratings for LatinEyes were so close to those for Regis & Kelly in the February 2008 book,” said Karen Floyd, Program Director at KELOLAND TV & UTV, a CBS affiliate. Both shows air at 9:00 am in Sioux Falls. In fact, LatinEyes was the second highest rated show in the time period. “When we replaced our local news program with LatinEyes in February 2008 we knew we’d have calls from viewers.” Viewers don’t like change and some have very strong opinions about replacement programs. “We are pleased with the program and hope for continued success in the time period. Thank you for the positive results we’ve had with stripping LatinEyes.” The show’s web site is re-launching with social features and video widgets and more via LatinEyes has build communities around the segments of travel, cuisine, entertainment, culture, style and technology.

2008 Latino Lifestyle Study
According to the Cassandra Report, the industry’s foremost comprehensive lifestyle study of 14-34-year-old mainstream consumers and trendsetters, young Latinos have already taken notice of their role in shaping American mainstream culture. “Unlike their ancestors, young Latinos embrace technology, are predominantly bilingual, and are the leaders of both their families and their larger communities,” explains Jane Buckingham, President of The Intelligence Group, the publisher of the Cassandra Report. “It is more important than ever for marketers to find ways to communicate with this growing demographic.”

Highlights from the 2008 Latino Intelligence Report:
– The 40% Perception: Young Latinos are feeling their influence growing. When asked what percentage of the United States they believe is Hispanic, the average of all response was 40% (the actual Census figure is 15%). At the same time, 49% believe they are the group with “the greatest influence on trends” in the United States.
– Latinas Rising: In a departure from previous generations, young Latinas are feeling empowered and excited about the independence and choices they have. For example, among young Latinos, only 32% would aspire to be a stay-at-home parent, vs 42% of non-Latinos.
– Cautious Optimism: Young Latinos are largely optimistic and social: They are more likely to say they are “happy” compared to non-Latinos (63% vs. 53%) and twice as likely as non-Hispanics to prefer a “large group of friends” versus a “few close friends.”
– Social Networking: There is no digital divide for this generation: 88% of young Latinos report having a MySpace or Facebook profile, essentially the same figure as non-Latinos (87%). Read the whole story.

Net Video Views Topped 10 Billion In February
Views Up 66% Year Over Year, ComScore Reports
U.S. Internet users viewed 10.1 billion online videos in February—up 66% year over year—with Google’s YouTube again capturing the lion’s share of the traffic with 34% of all videos viewed, according to Internet measurement firm comScore. For the month, nearly 135 million Internet users spent an average of 204 minutes viewing online video, down slightly from January when more than 139 million users watched an average of 206 minutes online. The average online video clip duration was 2.7 minutes for February, compared with 2.9 minutes the month prior. Read the whole story.


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