The 4 Screens Strategy

TV, Web, Mobile and In-Flight

Innovation is the name of the game according to a survey (October 2007) of marketers by Next Level Strategic Marketing Group. Nearly two-thirds of respondents said their upcoming strategies would include innovations, line extensions or new marketing initiatives. Advertising is going through a period of change due to the revolution in media consumption. U.S. consumers are spending more time online and often using DVRs to time-shift their TV viewing, creating a disconnect with marketers who rely exclusively on the same old ad buys they’ve made for years. The best way to succeed in the New Year is to keep it simple. The plan for 2008: Innovate, review the ad media mix and don’t rely only on the tried-and-true.

Luminacion has a turn key opportunity in 2008 to help corporations reach the fast growing second generation bilingual Hispanics via LatinEyes, an English language show that airs nationally on over 60 television stations. This gateway allows us to provide clients with targeted marketing opportunities where marketing communication is delivered using geo, demo or behavioral targeting that leverages our multi-platform distribution. With product placement opportunities and enhanced distribution your brand’s presence improves exponentially and continues from platform to platform. The complete circle of the “The 4 Screens” strategy includes television, web, mobile and in-flight.

The strategy is enhanced with brand sponsored contest that are build around categories like travel, entertainment, cooking, technology, financial, health, automotive, style, culture and arts. A perfect fit for clients that look for organic product integration or that want to sponsor a segment or promotion in the context of the category. For more information, visit or email your inquires to

Nelly Furtado interview on “LatinEyes”

Association of National Advertisers Reports

Multicultural Markets and Mobile Marketing
The Association of National Advertisers recently surveyed its members and found that 38% of multicultural marketers are using mobile marketing, compared with just 28% of general-market advertisers. Twice as many multicultural marketers also said they plan to start using social networking for the first time in this upcoming year, compared with 19% in the general market.

Online Video Attracts Six Out of Ten Internet Users Weekly

According to a recent Horowitz Associates report, Broadband Content and Services 2007, six out of ten high speed Internet users watch/download online video content at least once a week and 86% do so on a monthly basis, compared to 45% and 71%, respectively, in the 2006 study. News and user-generated, non-professional content are the most often viewed genres, followed by movie previews/trailers, music videos, and previews/segments of TV shows. Weekly viewing of full episodes of television shows doubled from last year, with 16% of high speed Internet users watching TV online on a weekly basis. NBC and ABC are the networks Internet users mention the most frequently for online TV content, with Grey’s Anatomy being the most often mentioned TV program viewed online. While consumption of broadband video has grown, the study shows that television is still the preferred platform for traditional TV content: 70% of Internet users who watch TV online say do so because they missed the episode on TV. For more about this study conducted Sept.-Oct 2007 by Horowitz Associates, please visit

The top 10 wireless trends for 2008

  1. Wireless networks will remain the domain of wireless operator
  2. The first Android phones hit the market
  3. Camera phones will get even fancier
  4. Mobile ads will come to a cell phone screen near you
  5. WiMax will become available
  6. Openness will continue to dominate the wireless lexicon
  7. Nokia will become a major mobile software player
  8. Getting lost will get harder
  9. More touch screens
  10. Silicon Valley will become a wireless industry hot spot

Source: Techland via Fortune

The Psychology of Social Sites

If it was a movie pitch the line would be something like: social science and basic human needs meet Web 2.0. In the report, Meeting Business Needs by Meeting Social Needs: Why Size Matters, Communispace deciphers which social needs are met by participating in social networks. Research from Communispace supports the premise that people are looking to fulfill six essential social needs online, and drawing on the Maslow hierarchy of human needs, concludes that businesses that help facilitate those needs are more likely to create deeper emotional bonds than usually exist between companies and customers.

In the report by Julie Schlack, Michael Jennings and Manila Austin “Meeting Business Needs by Meeting Social Needs…” the Communispace researchers, building on the work of social scientists, have identified the specific social needs that are met through participating in social networks. The study addresses “Six Social Needs” and relates them to Online social networks, suggesting that business can take advantage of these observations in creating more affinity with their prospects and customers.
Download the report at Communispace site.


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