Uva and Univision

The new owners of Univision brought a media and marketer expert to the 5th U.S. network. Mr. Uva is at the helm and he brings with him relationships with many marketers still missing from the U.S. Hispanic market.

The Hispanic/Latino media market is growing on several fronts. On the Spanish language front, new radio and television stations are operating in traditional and new markets. This segment will reach saturation soon because the population growth is flipping from new immigrant to U.S. born. I do not believe it will disappear in the near future but its growth will not match the boom of the early years. The other front, is the English language portion of media that is poised to grow at a faster rate and in for a longer term. Second and third generation Hispanics/Latinos, are bilingual, embrace their parents culture at different degrees and are looking for role models in the media. Programming at major networks still does not address the issues of identity and representation required to capture the hearts and minds of significant numbers of young Latinos.

Additionally, you have to consider the growing number of Hispanics in the Internet world. These consumers tend to be younger and watch less television. And in recent years mobile devices have become sources of entertainment and information for Hispanics. I think this is another area of growth based on findings from research groups.

In the era of multimedia and multi screens, Hispanics/Latinos are not immune to the phenomenon. marketers and advertisers have to consider many platforms to successfully reach this demographic segment.


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