TV Product Placement Is Up

The importance of product placement in film and television and its value for brands continues to grow. The 30 second spot faces many challenges in the era of Tivo and DVR’s. Marketers need new options to bring their messages to consumers.

Once product placement takes effect, it is permanent. Viewers of a film or TV program will watch it over and over. And as more and more videos find a second life via the Internet, mobile, VOD and DVD distribution, products organically placed in these videos will benefit from increased brand awareness. Measuring the overall benefit is still difficult because of the lack of a system capable of tracking across different media platforms.

On the upside, product placement in TV increased 30% in 2006 from 2005 numbers. Luminacion ( offers a great vehicle for product placement for companies trying to reach bilingual Hispanics via the television show LatinEyes (


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